November 10, 2021

Rose Leda Ehler Named to Variety’s List of Hollywood’s New Leaders of 2021

Munger, Tolles & Olson Partner Rose Leda Ehler has been named to Variety’s list of Hollywood’s New Leaders of 2021 for her work on behalf of companies such as Disney, Fox, Lucasfilm, New Line, Marvel, Turner Entertainment and Warner Bros., as well as the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment. 

Ms. Ehler earned the distinction, in part, for the long list of copyright lawsuits she has won. This includes winning a $62.4 million jury verdict on behalf of a number of entertainment companies against VidAngel. Variety also noted the $40 million award she won and the injunction she secured in an anti-piracy case against Crystal Clear Media.

A significant amount of Ms. Ehler’s work addresses the challenges of new technologies that are designed to subvert copyright laws and pirate movies, television shows and music.

Rose Leda Ehler is a litigation partner in the Los Angeles office of Munger, Tolles & Olson. Ms. Ehler litigates high stakes disputes on behalf of a wide variety of clients in the entertainment and technology industries.