Judicial Clerks

In order to provide excellent service to our clients, we strive to hire only the most qualified, dedicated and creative lawyers.

We believe that clerkships provide valuable experience and a fantastic opportunity for training with our nation’s judiciary, and we reward that experience: We offer clerkship bonuses that are significantly larger than many of our peer firms to incoming associates who join our firm immediately after clerking at the state supreme court, federal district or appellate levels, in the amount of $80,000 for a single clerkship and $105,000 for two or more clerkships (net of any clerkship bonus received previously from the firm or from another employer). We also pay competitive bonuses for clerkships at the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit as well as the United States Supreme Court. Our clerks find that they are better lawyers for having seen the legal system operate from the inside, and we are committed to attracting the best and most motivated judicial law clerks in the country. In that regard, nearly 75 percent of our lawyers and over 80 percent of our litigators have clerked for federal or state judges. Below we include a list of the current attorneys at our firm organized by their clerkship.​

If you are currently clerking and are interested in an attorney position at MTO, please apply. We recognize that different judges have different rules for when clerks may apply to firms. We generally begin to interview clerkship candidates in the fall and continue through the spring. For those whose judges do not allow clerks to apply until later in, or at the end of, their clerkship term, we continue to accept applications throughout the spring and summer. We are flexible and look forward to hearing from applicants from clerkships across the country.​

Please note that we do not pay recruitment or placement fees to search firms for any candidates applying directly from judicial clerkships.​

For additional inquiries, please contact:

Ms. Kara Sommers, Director of Legal Recruiting
Tel. (213) 452-5595
[email protected]

U.S. Supreme Court

Justice Samuel A. Alito Benjamin J. Horwich 2006-2006
Justice William J. Brennan, Jr. Donald B. Verrilli 1984-1985
Justice Stephen Breyer Jonathan Kravis 2005-2006
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Ginger D. Anders 2004-2005
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Daniel B. Levin 2004-2005
Justice Elena Kagan Daniel J. Kane 2022-2023
Justice Elena Kagan Andra Lim 2021-2022
Justice Elena Kagan Kyle A. Schneider 2022-2023
Justice Anthony M. Kennedy Kelly M. Klaus 1995-1996
Justice Sandra Day O'Connor Benjamin J. Horwich 2005-2006
Chief Justice John G. Roberts Rachel G. Miller-Ziegler 2016-2017
Chief Justice John G. Roberts Usha C. Vance 2017-2018
Justice Antonin Scalia Henry Weissmann 1989-1990
Justice Sonia Sotomayor Sarah Weiner 2020-2021
Justice Byron R. White John W. Spiegel 1976-1977

U.S. District Court

District of Arizona

Judge G. Murray Snow Henry D. Shreffler 2021 - 2022

Central District of California

Judge Percy Anderson Cory M. Batza 2018-2019
Judge Jesus G. Bernal Clare Kane 2020-2021
Judge Wm. Matthew Byrne, Jr. Gregory P. Stone 1977-1978
Judge Cormac J. Carney Shannon C. Galvin Aminirad 2018-2019
Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald Sara A. McDermott 2016-2017
Chief Judge Phillip S. Gutierrez Jason D. Weiss 2022-2023
Judge Irving Hill Kevin S. Allred 1986-1988
Judge John W. Holcomb Clare Kane 2020-2021
Judge David V. Kenyon Glenn D. Pomerantz 1983-1985
Judge George H. King Erin J. Cox 2009-2010
Judge George H. King Jennifer L. Bryant 2013-2014
Judge John A. Kronstadt James Salzmann 2019-2020
Judge John A. Kronstadt William M. Orr 2019-2020
Judge John A. Kronstadt Miranda E. Rehaut 2021-2022
Judge John A. Kronstadt Ariella Park 2021-2022
Judge A. Howard Matz Kuruvilla J. Olasa 2011-2012
Judge Beverly Reid O'Connell David W. Moreshead 2016-2017
Chief Judge Virginia A. Phillips Kyra E. Schoonover 2021-2022
Judge Dean D. Pregerson Laura D. Smolowe 2007-2008
Judge Dean D. Pregerson Anne Kent Conley 2015-2016
Judge Dean D. Pregerson Rosio Flores Arriaga 2018-2021
Judge Edward Rafeedie Katherine M. Forster 2001-2002
Judge Edward Rafeedie Bethany Woodard Kristovich 2005-2006
Judge James Selna Rowley J. Rice 2016-2017
Judge Christina A. Snyder Laura R. Perry 2021-2022
Judge Josephine L. Staton Lorraine L. Abdulahad 2020-2021
Judge Stephen V. Wilson Jeffrey Y. Wu 2005-2006
Judge Stephen V. Wilson Jeremy A. Lawrence 2009-2010
Judge Stephen V. Wilson Brian Rivas Boessenecker 2019-2020
Judge Stephen V. Wilson Joseph Glynn 2020-2021
Judge Otis D. Wright, II Adam W. Kwon 2020-2021
Judge George H. Wu Ted Kang 2021-2022

Eastern District of California

Judge Kimberly Mueller Aditi N. Ghatlia 2022-2023
Judge Kimberly Mueller Skylar Brooks Grove 2015-2016
Judge Kimberly Mueller Rachel M. Schiff 2020-2021
Judge William B. Shubb Blanca Fromm Young 2001-2002

Northern District of California

Judge Vince Chhabria Alberto J. De Diego-Habel 2022-2023
Judge Vince Chhabria Juliana M. Yee 2016-2017
Judge Haywood S. Gilliam, Jr. Raquel E. Dominguez 2021-2022
Judge Haywood S. Gilliam, Jr. Richard T. Johnson 2018-2019
Judge Lucy H. Koh Emily C. Curran-Huberty 2013-2014
Judge Charles A. Legge Martin D. Bern 1990-1991
Judge William H. Orrick, Jr. Kelly M. Klaus 1992-1993
Judge William W Schwarzer Carolyn Hoecker Luedtke 1999-2000
Judge Vaughn R. Walker Malcolm A. Heinicke 1997-1998
Judge Vaughn R. Walker Benjamin J. Horwich 2004-2005

Southern District of California

Judge John S. Rhoades, Sr. James C. Rutten 1997-1998
Chief Judge Gordon Thompson, Jr. Kathleen M. McDowell 1984-1986

District of Columbia

Judge Amy Berman Jackson Lauren A. Bilow 2019
Judge Corinne A. Beckwith Mohamed Said 2021-2022
Judge James E. Boasberg Kyle A. Schneider 2021-2022
Judge Royce C. Lamberth Andrew Delaplane 2021-2022

District of Delaware

Judge Sue L. Robinson Vincent Y. Ling 2012-2013
Judge Leonard P. Stark Gregory T. S. Bischoping 2018-2019

Southern District of Florida

Judge Rodolfo A. Ruiz II Phillip H.C. Wilkinson 2022-2023

District of Hawaii

Judge Alan C. Kay Kathleen Foley 2018-2019

Northern District of Illinois

Judge Edmond Chang Faye Paul Teller 2012-2013
Judge Edmond Chang Carl Hao Jiang 2021-2022
Judge Gary Feinerman Lauren E. Ross 2017-2018
Judge Andrea R. Wood Joseph Mantegani 2022-2023

Eastern District of Kentucky

Judge Amul Thapar Usha C. Vance 2013-2014

District of Maryland

Judge Frank A. Kaufman William D. Temko 1979-1980

District of Massachusetts

Judge Michael A. Ponsor Victoria A. Degtyareva 2011-2012

District of Minnesota

Judge Nancy E. Brasel Graham J. Wyatt 2022-2023

Eastern District of New York

Chief Judge Carol Bagley Amon Stephanie Goldfarb Herrera 2015-2016
Judge Carol Bagley Amon Allison M. Day 2015-2016
Judge Pamela K. Chen Andrew Nguyen 2020-2021
Judge William F. Kuntz, II Sidney Moskowitz 2021

Southern District of New York

Judge George B. Daniels Nicholas D. Fram 2012-2013
Judge Paul A. Engelmayer Daniel J. Kane 2017-2018
Judge Jesse M. Furman Adeel Mohammadi 2020-2021
Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein John M. Gildersleeve 2008-2009
Judge Richard J. Holwell Heather E. Takahashi 2006-2007
Judge Richard J. Holwell Justin P. Raphael 2010-2011
Judge John G. Koeltl Rebecca L. Sciarrino 2018-2019
Judge Lewis J. Liman Bobby H. Kim 2022-2023
Judge Gerard E. Lynch Ginger D. Anders 2002-2003
Judge Alison J. Nathan J. Max Rosen 2016-2017
Judge J. Paul Oetken Sarah Weiner 2017-2018
Judge Jed S. Rakoff Elaine J. Goldenberg 1997-1998
Judge Sidney H. Stein Natalie G. Moyce 2022-2023
Judge Kimba M. Wood Peter A. Detre 1994-1995
Judge Kimba M. Wood Jacob S. Kreilkamp 2003-2004
Judge Kimba M. Wood Simon K. Zhen 2020-2021

Northern District of New York

Judge Brenda K. Sannes Jamie Luguri 2019-2020

District of Oregon

Judge Karin J. Immergut Natasha Geiling 2022-2023

Eastern District of Texas

Judge Robert W. Schroeder III J. Kain Day 2019-2020

Southern District of Texas

Judge Lee H. Rosenthal Bryan H. Heckenlively 2009-2010

Northern District of Texas

Judge David Godbey Grace Davis Fisher 2017-2018

Eastern District of Virginia

Judge Raymond A. Jackson Felipe De Jesús Hernández 2020-2021

U.S. Court of Appeals

First Circuit

Judge Levin H. Campbell Miriam Kim 2004-2005
Judge Sandra Lynch Elaine J. Goldenberg 1998-1999

Second Circuit

Judge José A. Cabranes Richard C. St. John 1998-1999
Judge José A. Cabranes Adeel Mohammadi 2021-2022
Judge Susan L. Carney Allison M. Day 2016-2017
Judge Denny Chin Wendy Q. Xiao 2021-2022
Judge Barrington D. Parker Erinma Man 2020-2021
Judge Amalya L. Kearse Bobby H. Kim 2021-2022
Judge Debra Ann Livingston Adam R. Lawton 2007-2008
Judge Debra Ann Livingston Adam B. Weiss 2010-2011
Judge Debra Ann Livingston J. Max Rosen 2015-2016
Judge Raymond J. Lohier Daniel J. Kane 2016-2017
Judge J. Edward Lumbard Michael R. Doyen 1982-1983
Judge Jon O. Newman Richard C. St. John 1997-1998
Judge Reena Raggi Rebecca L. Sciarrino 2019-2020
Judge Sonia Sotomayor Ginger D. Anders 2003-2004
Judge Richard J. Sullivan Lorraine L. Abdulahad 2021-2022

Third Circuit

Judge Thomas Ambro Faye Paul Teller 2013-2014
Judge Edward R. Becker Benjamin J. Horwich 2003-2004
Judge Michael A. Chagares Nicholas D. Fram 2013-2014
Judge John J. Gibbons Brad D. Brian 1977-1978
Judge Thomas M. Hardiman Matthew W. Linsley 2021-2022
Judge Kent A. Jordan Vincent Y. Ling 2013-2014
Judge Kent A. Jordan Abraham B. Dyk 2018-2019
Judge Kent A. Jordan Gregory T. S. Bischoping 2020-2021
Judge Cheryl Ann Krause Jing Jin 2019-2021
Judge Cheryl Ann Krause Jessica O. Laird 2020-2021

Fourth Circuit

Judge Henry F. Floyd Leonardo Mangat 2019-2020
Judge Diana Gribbon Motz Stephany Reaves 2015-2016
Judge Roger L. Gregory Felipe De Jesús Hernández 2021-2022
Judge Toby J. Heytens Lyndsey N. Franklin 2022-2023

Fifth Circuit

Judge Catharina Haynes Grace Davis Fisher 2018-2020
Chief Judge Priscilla Richman Graham J. Wyatt 2021-2022

Sixth Circuit

Judge R. Guy Cole, Jr. Andrew Nguyen 2019-2020

Seventh Circuit

Judge Amy J. St. Eve Jamie Luguri 2020-2021
Judge Diane P. Wood Emily C. Curran-Huberty 2012-2013
Judge Diane P. Wood Alberto J. De Diego-Habel 2021-2022

Eighth Circuit

Judge David Ryan Stras Megan L. McCreadie 2018-2019

Ninth Circuit

Judge Arthur L. Alarcón Jonathan E. Altman 1992-1993
Judge Arthur L. Alarcón Bradley R. Schneider 2004-2005
Judge Carlos T. Bea Richard T. Johnson 2019-2020
Judge Marsha S. Berzon Ariella Park 2022-2023
Judge Patrick J. Bumatay Jason D. Weiss 2021-2022
Judge Jay Bybee Juliana M. Yee 2014-2015
Judge Richard Clifton Mohamed Said 2022-2023
Judge Richard R. Clifton Jonathan H. Blavin 2003-2004
Judge Richard R. Clifton Carl Hao Jiang 2022-2023
Judge Morgan B. Christen Simon K. Zhen 2021-2022
Judge Morgan B. Christen Andrew Delaplane 2022-2023
Judge Daniel P. Collins Miles W. Unterreiner 2022-2023
Judge Ferdinand F. Fernandez Wesley T.L. Burrell 2012-2013
Judge Ferdinand F. Fernandez David W. Moreshead 2017-2018
Judge Ferdinand F. Fernandez Benjamin G. Barokh 2018-2019
Judge Raymond C. Fisher Jacob S. Kreilkamp 2004-2005
Judge William A. Fletcher Daniel B. Levin 2002-2003
Judge Michelle T. Friedland Craig Jennings Lavoie 2014-2015
Judge Michelle T. Friedland Stephanie Goldfarb Herrera 2016-2017
Judge Michelle T. Friedland Andra Lim 2019-2020
Judge Michelle T. Friedland Wesley P. DeVoll 2021-2022
Judge Alfred T. Goodwin Rohit K. Singla 1998-1999
Judge Alfred T. Goodwin Jeffrey Y. Wu 2006-2007
Judge Ronald M. Gould Alison A. Doyle 2019-2020
Judge Cynthia Holcomb Hall Lisa J. Demsky 1996-1997
Judge Sandra S. Ikuta L. Ashley Aull 2009-2010
Judge Sandra S. Ikuta Kuruvilla J. Olasa 2012-2013
Judge Sandra S. Ikuta Lauren C. Barnett 2014-2015
Judge Sandra S. Ikuta Colin A. Devine 2015-2016
Judge Sandra S. Ikuta Margaret H. Thompson 2016-2017
Judge Sandra S. Ikuta Rowley J. Rice 2017-2018
Judge Sandra S. Ikuta William M. Orr 2020-2021
Judge Alex Kozinski John L. Schwab 2013-2014
Judge Alex Kozinski John B. Major 2014-2015
Judge Alex Kozinski Anne Kent Conley 2016-2017
Chief Judge Mary H. Murguia Phillip H.C. Wilkinson 2024-2025
Judge Dorothy W. Nelson Jordan D. Segall 2012-2013
Judge Jacqueline H. Nguyen Joseph Glynn 2021-2022
Judge John B. Owens Cory M. Batza 2019-2020
Judge John B. Owens Gabriel M. Bronshteyn 2020-2021
Judge John B. Owens Taylor L. Benninger 2021-2022
Judge Richard A. Paez Grant A. Davis-Denny 2003-2004
Judge Richard A. Paez Clare Kane 2021-2022
Judge Richard A. Paez Kyra E. Schoonover 2022-2023
Judge Richard A. Paez Laura D. Smolowe 2006-2007
Judge Richard A. Paez Jordan D. Segall 2011-2012
Judge Richard A. Paez Xiaonan April Hu 2017-2018
Judge Johnnie B. Rawlinson Alexis Danielle Campbell 2021-2022
Judge Stephen Reinhardt Rose Leda Ehler 2012-2013
Judge Pamela Ann Rymer Kelly M. Klaus 1993-1994
Judge Pamela Ann Rymer Achyut J. Phadke 2008-2009
Judge Milan D. Smith Jr. Jeremy A. Lawrence 2010-2011
Judge Gabriel P. Sanchez Roman Leal 2023
Judge A. Wallace Tashima Hailyn J. Chen 2004-2005
Judge A. Wallace Tashima Sara A. McDermott 2015-2016
Judge Holly A. Thomas Wendy Q. Xiao 2022-2023
Judge Sidney R. Thomas Carson J. Scott 2021-2022
Judge J. Clifford Wallace Martin D. Bern 1991-1992
Judge Kim McLane Wardlaw Laura R. Perry 2022-2023
Judge Paul J. Watford John B. Major 2013-2014
Judge Charles E. Wiggins Stuart N. Senator 1989-1990

Tenth Circuit

Judge Robert E. Bacharach Ariel T. Teshuva 2018-2019
Judge Robert E. Bacharach Janelle Krummen 2020-2021
Judge David M. Ebel Dane P. Shikman 2016-2017
Judge David M. Ebel Henry D. Shreffler 2016-2017
Judge Carolyn B. McHugh Caleb W. Peiffer 2020-2021

Eleventh Circuit

Judge Rosemary Barkett Victoria A. Degtyareva 2012-2013
Judge Beverly B. Martin Xiaonan April Hu 2018-2019

District of Columbia Circuit

Chief Judge David L. Bazelon Ronald L. Olson 1967-1968
Chief Judge Sri Srinivasan Kyle A. Schneider 2020-2021
Judge James L. Buckley Henry Weissmann 1987-1988
Judge Harry T. Edwards Lauren E. Ross 2016-2017
Judge Merrick B. Garland Jonathan Kravis 2004-2005
Judge Merrick B. Garland Rachel G. Miller-Ziegler 2015-2016
Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg Michael E. Soloff 1983-1984
Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg Bryan H. Heckenlively 2010-2011
Judge Brett Kavanaugh Usha C. Vance 2014-2015
Judge Roger Robb Joseph D. Lee 1982-1983
Judge David S. Tatel Sarah Weiner 2018-2019
Judge Robert L. Wilkins Kathleen Foley 2019-2020
Judge J. Skelly Wright Donald B. Verrilli 1983-1984

Federal Circuit

Judge Timothy B. Dyk Giovanni Saarman González 2016-2017
Chief Judge Kimberly A. Moore J. Kain Day 2020-2022
Chief Judge Sharon Prost Vincent Y. Ling 2016-2017
Judge Jimmie V. Reyna Adam W. Kwon 2021-2022
Judge Richard G. Taranto Evan Mann 2019-2020

State Supreme Court


Justice Mariano-Florentino Cuellar Emily C. Curran-Huberty 2015-2015
Justice Leondra R. Kruger Miles W. Unterreiner 2021-2022
Justice Leondra R. Kruger Wesley P. DeVoll 2022-2023
Justice Goodwin H. Liu Alexis Danielle Campbell 2022-2023
Justice Goodwin H. Liu Leonardo Mangat 2020-2021
Justice Goodwin H. Liu Giovanni Saarman González 2020-2021


Chief Justice Ralph D. Gants Samuel H. Allen 2016-2017


Justice Harriet O'Neill L. Ashley Aull 2007-2008


Justice Annette Kingsland Ziegler Janelle Krummen 2019-2020