Attorney Parents

Munger, Tolles & Olson’s Attorney Parents Group connects current and future parents of young children to create a community centered around the shared experience of raising young kids while working as a Munger Tolles attorney.

Created in 2014 by two male associates, the group is an important support network and resource for attorney parents seeking to balance work and family life.

Here are just a few of the ways the Attorney Parents Group supports and encourages working parents, both inside and outside the firm:

Sharing Experiences And Resources

Regular events:  The Attorney Parents Group hosts lunches and other events at which Munger Tolles attorneys discuss their personal experiences as working parents, offer advice and answer questions. These informal events provide opportunities for honest discussion of the challenges and joys of raising young children while working as an attorney, and have included panel presentations, interviews of attorneys (including by their children!) and presentations by outside speakers, as well as occasional social lunches to facilitate one-on-one discussions.

Resources:  The Attorney Parents Group maintains an email forum in which attorneys can ask questions and offer recommendations, advice and support regarding raising young children, as well as a compilation of past recommendations and resources.

Mentoring:  The Attorney Parents Group also provides mentoring resources for current and future parents, including new attorneys and those returning from parental leave, to help navigate the demands of being a working parent generally, and specifically a working parent at Munger Tolles.

Community Involvement

Munger Tolles attorneys regularly participate in panel discussions at law schools addressing the experience of working as a lawyer while raising young kids. For each of the past three years, for example, members of the Attorney Parents Group have assembled a panel of Munger Tolles attorneys to discuss balancing work and family at UCLA School of Law. Our attorneys have presented similar panels at Stanford and other law schools in recent years.

To learn more about the Attorney Parents Group, please contact co-chair Emily C. Curran-Huberty.


Munger, Tolles & Olson Increases Paid Parental Leave to 18 Weeks

Munger, Tolles & Olson Increases Paid Parental Leave to 18 Weeks