Professional Liability

When the nation’s leading law firms face potentially devastating liability claims, they routinely call upon Munger, Tolles & Olson to defend them. Over the years, the firm has earned a reputation for quietly and ferociously protecting the reputation of its law firm clients.

We handle not only traditional legal malpractice cases, but also “parasitic” suits alleging malicious prosecution, contempt, securities fraud, conflict of interest and RICO violations. We also represent clients in individual actions, nationwide class actions and investigations by regulatory agencies.

Below is a representative list of our professional liability work. Client names are not disclosed due to confidentiality. We have represented:

  • A prominent Los Angeles law firm that was sued for professional negligence in connection with its representation of a reality television star. After a lengthy arbitration proceeding in it was alleged that the law firm’s negligent handling of a jury trial resulted in a multi-million dollar verdict against her and her company, the arbitrator issued a decision in favor of our client on all claims.
  • An AmLaw 20 law firm in trying and defeating a $2 billion legal malpractice claim against it. To deal with complex and competing privilege issues in this three-cornered lawsuit, counsel traveled around the country with the trial judge, taking trial testimony from attorneys in New York, Florida and San Francisco.
  • An international AmLaw 10 law firm in a series of nationwide class actions and in more than 100 individual cases in federal and state courts throughout the U.S. alleging fraudulent tax advice.
  • A law firm in obtaining a directed verdict in its favor after a five-week jury trial involving claims for malicious prosecution arising out of the firm’s prosecution of a trademark infringement case.
  • An international law firm in an arbitration involving a fee dispute with a former client. Our client was awarded more than $5 million in fees and interest, as well as attorneys’ fees.
  • A law firm in a malicious prosecution action. We won a writ of mandate from the California Court of Appeal directing entry of summary judgment in favor of the client.
  • A law firm in winning a defense verdict after a three-week trial involving allegations by its former client that the law firm had failed to perfect a security interest.

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