Sexual Misconduct Litigation, Compliance, and Investigations

Munger, Tolles & Olson is a trusted advisor to leading companies as well as schools in investigating allegations of inappropriate workplace conduct by employees or of inappropriate campus conduct by faculty or students. We have one of the most significant internal investigations practices in the world, and offer a unique combination of investigatory skill, crisis management, and the ability to coordinate with investigations by local authorities as needed, as well as assist in media and publicity management.

Complex Litigation, Trials, and Appeals

We have deep experience leading complex litigation, trials, and appeals, including for lawsuits alleging negligence and other claims related to sexual assault and misconduct.

Internal Investigations

Our lawyers spend a significant amount of their practice counseling their clients and working on internal investigations, which has also led them to develop strong skills handling sensitive and difficult issues with diplomacy and compassion. We are frequently called upon to lead confidential investigations arising out of the #metoo movement involving allegations of inappropriate workplace conduct.

Reputation Management

We have deep experience in handling high profile matters where the PR aspect of the case is as important as the legal arguments. We routinely advise leading companies and educational institutions on communications strategies related to the sexual misconduct and we are well-versed in the myriad sensitivities and public perception around this issue.


We have extensive experience representing organizations in their handling of sexual misconduct claims. We counsel clients on compliance, including recommending changes to policies and procedures for investigating and resolving sexual misconduct allegations.

Representative Matters

  • University of California in a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of all students across all ten UC campuses who were disciplined by the University for sexual assault or sexual harassment in the past five years. The lawsuit alleged that the University denied these students due process. The case was dismissed with prejudice at the pleading stage.
  • A major retailer in an investigation by the Department of Fair Employment and Housing of serious sexual harassment allegations made by multiple claimants.
  • A film studio defending against sexual harassment and gender discrimination claims.
  • Morgan Stanley in sensitive discrimination and sexual harassment cases.
  • A Fortune 100 company in conducting an internal investigation into allegations of sexual harassment by a C-level executive.
  • The University of California in a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of all students across all ten campuses who were disciplined by the University for sexual assault or sexual harassment.
  • Warner Bros. in its dispute with Charlie Sheen for his termination from “Two and a Half Men.” Mr. Sheen brought claims against Warner Bros. totaling $100 million for breach of contract, wrongful termination and unlawful retaliation. The Munger Tolles employment team tackled the numerous employment law issues involved, successfully compelling the matter to arbitration and then through settlement.
  • Warner Bros. in an internal investigation related to alleged reports of misconduct on the set of “Bachelor in Paradise.”
  • Time Warner and its subsidiaries in investigations related to the #metoo and #timesup movements.


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