January 22, 2024

Munger, Tolles & Olson Partner Bethany Kristovich Discusses Her Approach to Representing Lawyers and Law Firm Clients with AmLaw Litigation Daily

Munger, Tolles & Olson partner Bethany Kristovich was interviewed by AmLaw Litigation Daily about her approach to representing lawyers and law firms.

In the interview, Ms. Kristovich offers insights and perspectives garnered over years of representing legal professionals in litigation. Ms. Kristovich discusses how lawyers and law firms compare to other litigation clients; how representing lawyers and law firms shape her approach to her litigation practice in general; and how lawyer clients are sometimes perceived by the general public and jurors.

When asked during the interview whether her practice of actively involving lawyer clients in the litigation process has informed how she represents non-lawyer clients, Ms. Kristovich replied:

“It does. It has given me humility. My clients are always going to know their businesses better than I do, and I should try as much as I can to let the law be a tool for them to solve their problem, as opposed to a thing that I’m doing all on the side—really bring them into the decision-making. When you do that with clients from the very beginning of the case, by the time you have some tough decisions to make 12 or 18 months in when you’re trying to resolve a case or you’re getting ready for trial, there’s been an education on both sides…”

As the co-chair of MTO’s class action practice group and professional liability defense group, Ms. Kristovich’s practice is focused on complex civil litigation, with a particular emphasis in high-stakes trials and appeals, including in the professional responsibility, consumer protection, product defect and mass tort contexts. She has represented some of the nation’s largest companies, law firms, and private equity firms in their most sensitive matters.

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In addition to AmLaw Litigation Daily, the interview was published in several other legal publications, including The National Law Journal, The Recorder and The American Lawyer.