May 6, 2022

Munger Tolles Partner Justin Raphael to Speak on Intersection of Antitrust and Emerging Technologies

On May 17, Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP litigation partner Justin Raphael will speak at this year’s Antitrust in the Digital Economy hosted by Global Competition Review.

Mr. Raphael will be one of three speakers participating in “What Does Web 3.0 Mean for Antitrust Enforcement,” a panel that will dive deep into how emerging technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence and other iterations of Web 3.0 will affect enforcement policy and whether existing competition tools are ready to police these growing areas.

The panel will discuss the role antitrust has in these markets, whether it is too early for government intervention or enforcement if theoretical concerns over these developing markets remain hypothetical and if there is a risk of over-enforcement following the recent wave of criticism of under enforcement in existing digital markets.

In addition to Mr. Raphael, other speakers will include: Dr. Thibault Schrepel, associate professor of Law at VU Amsterdam University and partner Ryan Shores of Shearman & Sterling LLP.

An award winning antitrust litigator in the Bay Area, Mr. Raphael focuses on antitrust claims involving intellectual property, as well as complex civil litigation. During his tenure at Munger Tolles, Mr. Raphael has represented global technology companies such as Activision Publishing Inc. and Google LLC. Prior to joining the firm, he served as a law clerk to retired Judge Richard J. Holwell of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Munger Tolles is a proud sponsor of GCR Live’s Antitrust in the Digital Economy 2022. For more information or to register for the annual conference, click here