November 28, 2021

The American Lawyer Recognized Munger, Tolles & Olson As a Finalist For Its Litigation Department of the Year Accolade

In “When Disaster Strikes, Munger Tolles’ Litigators Come to Clients’ Rescue,” published Sunday, The American Lawyer described the firm’s deep expertise in crisis management litigation.

The article highlighted Munger Tolles’ defense of Pacific Gas & Electric in a multibillion-dollar criminal case that allowed the company to emerge from the largest reorganization of a public utility in U.S. history.

The firm’s work on behalf of Tokyo Electric Power Co. Holdings or TEPCO related to the 2011 nuclear disaster was also mentioned in the article. Munger Tolles advised TEPCO through multiple lawsuits brought by U.S. plaintiffs based on injuries allegedly sustained off the coast of Japan

“At the core of our firm is our commitment to hiring and promoting only the best people,” Brad Brian, the firm chairman told The American Lawyer. “By best, I really don’t mean just grades and clerkships and law reviews. Those count. But I mean people who’ve had certain experiences in life that make them comfortable taking responsibility and making judgments.”

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