Minorities’ Initiative

The Minorities’ Initiative seeks to build an equal and supportive working environment, by holding ourselves and our colleagues accountable to our professed ideals. We place specific emphasis on recruiting, retaining and developing minority lawyers to ensure their long-term success at the firm.

Here are just a few of the ways the Minorities’ Initiative supports and encourages attorneys of color, both at Munger Tolles and throughout the legal profession:


The Minorities’ Initiative is deeply invested in ensuring that its members receive the training and professional development necessary to succeed. For the past few years, diverse senior attorneys and junior partners from Munger Tolles have enrolled in the Legal Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD) Fellows Program, a one-year relationship-building and leadership training program for diverse lawyers with demonstrated leadership potential. Minorities’ Initiative co-chairs, Wesley T.L. Burrell and Karen A. Lorang, have also participated in the LCLD Pathfinders Program, which offers early opportunities to build professional networks, develop leadership skills and be exposed to career development strategies.


“From Here to There” Lunchtime Series:  The Minorities’ Initiative presents the “From Here to There” lunchtime series, which gives attorneys at the firm the opportunity to hear from partners in an informal setting and learn more about their paths to partnership and how they integrate their personal and professional lives.

Networking and Mentoring:  The Minorities’ Initiative organizes informal networking gatherings throughout the year, which build community among lawyers of color and provide a space to share experiences and cultivate informal mentoring relationships.

Onboarding:  The Minorities’ Initiative promotes inclusion before attorneys join the firm by arranging pre-start dinners for new diverse attorneys to meet some of their colleagues and begin learning about life at Munger Tolles.

Recruiting:  Members of the Minorities’ Initiative regularly participate in diversity-focused panels at law schools around the country to help students of color prepare for life at a law firm.


The Minorities’ Initiative encourages lawyers of color to engage in their communities by sharing information about opportunities to attend and speak at conferences and by encouraging attorneys to join organizations that align with their passions. This has led to involvement with many organizations dedicated to advancing minorities in the legal profession, such as the Minority Corporate Counsel Association and the California Minority Counsel Program. Additionally, in conjunction with the Minorities’ Initiative, Munger Tolles is an active sponsor of the Langston Bar’s Corporate Firm Network, which is committed to networking, mentoring and the professional development of African-American attorneys.

To learn more about the Minorities’ Initiative, please contact co-chairs Wesley T.L. Burrell or Karen A. Lorang.