MTO Fellows Program – Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply for the MTO Fellows Program?
To be eligible to apply for the MTO Fellows Program, you must:

  1. intend to apply for admission to begin law school in the fall of 2020 (i.e., applicants must be at least college juniors by spring 2019; we also welcome applications from individuals who have previously graduated and are working);

  2. be able to attend monthly workshops in downtown Los Angeles from March-December 2019;

  3. reside in or near the Los Angeles County area once the LSAT preparation course begins;

  4. have a 3.0 minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA; and

  5. have the potential to contribute meaningfully to the diversity of the legal profession. This includes, but is not limited to, candidates who are members of racial or ethnic minority groups; gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender; physically challenged; or from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds.

Am I still eligible to apply if I have participated in another legal pipeline program?

Is the MTO Fellows Program open to undocumented students? If so, are they required to have Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)?
The program is open to all undocumented students. There is no DACA requirement.

How do I apply?
To apply, please complete the 2019 MTO Fellows Program Application Form, available online here.

After submitting the online application form, please email the following to as ONE document, saved in PDF format, in the following order, with your name on all materials:

  1. resume (max 2 pages);
  2. academic transcripts, including community college, undergraduate, and/or graduate transcripts (official or unofficial; 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA required); and
  3. personal statement (max 500 words).

Which transcripts should I submit?
Please submit official or unofficial transcripts (photocopies and/or online versions are acceptable) reflecting all of your undergraduate coursework, including any courses taken at a community college, as well any graduate coursework where applicable.

How long should my resume be?
No more than 2 pages.

Will I receive confirmation once my application is complete?
Yes. You will receive an email confirmation once we have received your completed application.

When is the application deadline?
All application materials – application form, resume, transcripts, and personal statement – must be received by 5:00pm PT on Monday, January 7, 2019.

When will I find out if I have been invited for an in-person interview?
Applicants selected for an in-person interview will be notified by Friday, January 25, 2019.

Am I still eligible to apply if I cannot attend the in-person interview on February 2, 2019?
We strongly encourage all candidates selected for an interview to attend in-person at our offices in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, February 2, 2019. However, if you are unable to be in Los Angeles on that date, we will consider alternative arrangements (e.g., Skype) on a case-by-case basis (but there is no guarantee that such arrangements will be made). 

What are the program dates for accepted applicants?
The 2019 MTO Fellows Program will run from March 2019 through December 2019.

Do I have to live in the Los Angeles County area to participate in the program?
Fellows must be located in the greater Los Angeles County area once the LSAT preparation course begins.

Is it possible to participate in the MTO Fellows Program remotely, e.g., via Skype?

Is the MTO Fellows Program available outside of Los Angeles?

Do you offer travel stipends to attend the in-person interview, the monthly workshops, or the LSAT prep course?
No. We do not offer travel stipends, but we will validate parking at our office for those who drive to the in-person interview and the monthly workshops. 

When are the LSAT preparation courses typically held and how often do they occur?
We determine the schedule for the LSAT prep course in the spring. In general, classes take place several weeknights per week, with supplemental sessions over the weekend.

What is expected of Fellows who are offered admission into the program?
Fellows are expected to attend every workshop; act professionally, including by wearing business casual attire and arriving promptly to all sessions; participate in the LSAT preparation course in downtown Los Angeles; prepare and submit at least 15 law school applications by November 2019; and participate in the program from March 2019 through December 2019.

Can I contact Munger, Tolles & Olson if I have additional questions?
Yes. Please send questions via email to