June 29, 2020

New Mexico State Court Rejects Bid to Dismiss Historic Education Case

A New Mexico state court on June 29, 2020 rejected an argument by state officials that they had complied with a landmark 2018 education ruling and should be released from the court’s jurisdiction. 

The court made clear that the State’s work is not done and that more is needed in order to comply with the court’s order enjoining the State to ensure that all students—including low-income, English-language learners, and special education students—receive a sufficient education.

Munger Tolles Partner Martin Estrada, who co-led the case from the beginning, is quoted in the press release:

“We are heartened by the court’s ruling. The State’s effort to prematurely dismiss this matter, after so much work and effort had been put into the case, was a disappointment. Fortunately, the court chose to maintain jurisdiction in order to see out the essential work of ensuring that all children in New Mexico are given the opportunity to obtain a sufficient education.”

Read the full press release from the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund here.