Garda Wins Summary Adjudication in Employment Class Action

Munger, Tolles & Olson represented Garda in winning summary adjudication against several named plaintiff armored car Driver-Messengers who brought meal period and overtime claims against the security services company in a series of consolidated putative class action lawsuits.

In his Nov. 6, 2018 ruling, Judge William Highberger of the Los Angeles County Superior Court found Garda’s meal period practices to be lawful and that these plaintiffs’ meal period claims fail as a matter of law, because the nature of the work of the armored car Driver-Messengers at issue precludes off-duty meal periods and because the employees are subject to employee association agreements that provided for paid, on-duty meal periods.

The court also ruled that Garda’s overtime policies are valid, because the pertinent plaintiffs were subject to transportation regulations and subject to the employee association agreements. Eleven putative class actions against Garda have been consolidated into this matter.

Led by Malcolm A. Heinicke, the team representing Garda includes Joseph D. Lee, Marja-Liisa Overbeck and Sara A. McDermott.