Tamerlin Godley, Martin Estrada Speak at Education Law Center’s Litigators’ Workshop

Munger, Tolles & Olson attorneys Tamerlin J. Godley and E. Martin Estrada spoke at the Education Law Center’s 2017 Litigators’ Workshop on Oct. 27, 2017. The theme of the workshop was “Winning Equal Educational Opportunity for All.”

Mr. Estrada, a trial lawyer and former federal prosecutor, discussed trial practice on a panel alongside other experienced trial litigators. They shared their experiences and described best practices on establishing useful facts and presenting witnesses at trial. 

In a panel titled “Vouchers and Charters Threaten School Funding and Fail to Serve Certain Students,” Ms. Godley joined lawyers and academics to discuss the harmful effects of voucher programs, the status of voucher litigation in the United States, and Munger Tolles successful litigation barring the voucher program in Nevada. She also discussed Voucher-Watch, a national project of Munger Tolles and the Education Law Center to assist local and national partners in strategizing and defeating voucher programs at the state and federal level.

Mr. Estrada practices in a wide variety of matters involving trials, complex litigation, internal investigations and appeals. He is representing New Mexico parents and school children in a first-of-its-kind lawsuit that seeks to establish education as a fundamental right and ensure that children from disadvantaged populations are provided a sufficient education as required under the state constitution.

Ms. Godley excels at handling complex business litigation disputes. She represented parents of children in Nevada’s public schools in obtaining a permanent injunction against Senate Bill 302 (SB302), which would offer tax-funded vouchers for children’s private, parochial or home schooling.