Jonathan Blavin Discusses Cybersecurity Trends in Daily Journal Roundtable

Munger, Tolles & Olson attorney Jonathan H. Blavin addressed the biggest trends in cybersecurity in a roundtable discussion published on Nov. 30, 2017 by the Daily Journal.

Mr. Blavin and fellow speakers discussed the liability surrounding the “Internet of Things”, new developments in data security litigation and regulation, insurance products designed to address data security liability, and whether companies are devoting more resources to data security.

When asked what he foresees as the biggest issues in data security for 2018, Mr. Blavin pointed to potential changes in data security regulations under the Trump administration and the role states might play in establishing new regulatory guidelines.

“To the extent there are any vacuums in the federal space, you’re certainly going to see the states jump into them quickly,” Mr. Blavin said. “Due to many of these recent high‑profile breaches, the FTC’s actions are going to be in the spotlight. I think we can expect states to be just as active as they’ve been in the past, and potentially more so, if they perceive a vacuum in federal enforcement.”

Based in the firm’s San Francisco office, Mr. Blavin focuses his practice on high-technology intellectual property disputes. He has significant experience in Internet and privacy-related litigation.