Am Law Spotlights Munger Tolles’ Child Care Benefits

Munger, Tolles & Olson was prominently featured in a Jan. 13, 2017 article by The American Lawyer about law firms that sponsor on-site day care centers and how they benefit attorneys.

The article highlighted Hope Street Friends, Munger Tolles’ on-site child care center, among the few law firm-sponsored on-site day care centers in the United States. It quoted Munger Tolles attorney and co-chair of the firm’s Women’s Initiative Tamerlin J. Godley and Munger Tolles litigator Laura J. Smolowe.

Ms. Godley described Hope Street Friends as a strong indicator of the firm’s commitment to the success of its women lawyers: “It shows a firm commitment to the lawyers in the firm and the importance of family,” Ms. Godley said.

Ms. Smolowe, a mother of two young daughters who have both attended the Center since infancy, addressed how Hope Street Friends helped increase her productivity and integrate career and family. “It's made my work-life balance so much more approachable and manageable,” Ms. Smolowe said.

Hope Street Friends opened in 2010 and was the first law-firm sponsored on-site child care facility on the West Coast. In addition to Hope Street Friends, Munger Tolles provides employees access to subsidized back-up child care through Bright Horizons. To read more about Munger Tolles’ on-site child care center, click here.