LGBT Asylum Seekers, Urban Debate Among Recipients of Paul Davis MTO Associate Fund Awards

Munger, Tolles & Olson’s Paul Davis MTO Associate Fund announced its annual philanthropic contributions. In 2016, the fund is awarding $39,000 to 11 public interest organizations.

Among this year’s recipients is the Los Angeles LGBT Center, which will now be able to provide essential services, such as food, housing and transportation, to adult LGBT survivors of persecution and torture who have received or are seeking asylum in the United States. In honor of the contribution, the LA LGBT Center is creating the Munger, Tolles & Olson LGBT Asylee Wellness Fund.

The fund will be available to a coalition of nonprofits, many of whom the Los Angeles LGBT Center partners with on immigration cases, including Public Counsel, Immigration Equality and Human Rights First. This fund will help to fill a critical gap in services for adult asylum seekers.

In addition to the Los Angeles LGBT Center, the Paul Davis MTO Associate Fund is granting money to organizations including the Bay Area Urban Debate League, Foundation for Second Chances, Inc. and the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles.

The Paul Davis MTO Associate Fund was established in 2000 and is funded by voluntary contributions from the firm’s associates. Named in memory of its co-founder, former Munger Tolles attorney Paul Davis, the fund is managed by a board, with oversight from the MTO Foundation.

The fund’s goal is to make well-informed and meaningful charitable contributions to worthy organizations in the Los Angeles and San Francisco communities, particularly organizations in which Munger Tolles attorneys are actively involved. Since its founding, the fund has made donations of approximately $250,000.

The Paul Davis MTO Associate Fund does not accept grant requests that originate from outside of the firm.