Grant Davis-Denny Addresses Forensically Sound Data Collection Post-Data Breach

Munger, Tolles & Olson attorney Grant A. Davis-Denny discussed forensic data collection following a data breach in a podcast hosted by the American Bar Association’s Section of Litigation.

In “Forensic Data Collection,” Mr. Davis-Denny addresses why forensically-sound data collection methods are important following a data security incident and steps counsel and their clients can take to perform a forensically-effective collection of data in the aftermath of such an event. 

“The client’s natural, first instinct may be to unplug all potentially affected systems immediately and to have its IT department remove the hacker,” he said. “But that first instinct may not be right. Will taking steps to contain and remedy the breach inadvertently destroy data that is needed to figure out how the breach occurred and what data was lost?”

Based in the firm’s Los Angeles office, Mr. Davis-Denny’s practice emphasizes counseling companies on compliance with data security and privacy laws, data breach incident response, and data breach litigation.