Running a Successful Out-of-Town Trial

Delegating logistical details to non-attorney staff, early planning to secure housing and office space, and preparing for unexpected challenges – these are among the best practices in running a successful out-of-town trial.

Munger, Tolles & Olson attorney Susan E. Nash and trial coordinator Scott Long discussed these and other strategies in a Sept. 15, 2015 Law360 article, “How Attorneys Can Feel At Home During An Out-Of-Town Trial.”

“My position adds value to our firm, and it ultimately saves our client money,” said Mr. Long to Law360.

Ms. Nash emphasized arriving several days early to become familiar with the courthouse staff, including the marshals, deputies and courtroom clerk.

“When you go into a new jurisdiction, you have to learn everything from the basics,” she said. “The local rules, the written ones, are online. But the unwritten ones are not online.”

Mr. Long noted that a trial logistics coordinator creates value for clients.

“You don’t want [your attorneys and paralegals] focused on anything but winning that case,” he said.