Munger Tolles Attorneys Receive CLAY Awards

Munger, Tolles & Olson attorneys Brad D. Brian, Michael R. Doyen, Daniel B. Levin, Luis Li and Martin Estrada were among those selected for the prestigious California Lawyer Attorneys of the Year (CLAY) awards, featured in the March 2015 edition of California Lawyer.

The team including Messrs. Brian, Doyen, Levin, and Li is recognized in the environmental law category for its representation of Transocean in litigation arising from the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. In September 2014, Munger Tolles obtained a favorable verdict for Transocean in a case that set an important precedent for future claims of this type. The ruling found that Transocean was not grossly negligent, shielding the company from punitive damages, and the court enforced BP’s contract to indemnify Transocean, protecting the company from billions of dollars in compensatory damages.

Mr. Estrada, a fellow Munger Tolles attorney and former Assistant U.S. Attorney, received a CLAY award for his criminal law work. In his role as a federal prosecutor, Mr. Estrada led a team that won convictions of more than 90 defendants in the largest organized crime prosecution targeting a Eurasian criminal enterprise in the history of the Department of Justice. This prosecution targeted the Armenian Power enterprise, a violent and sophisticated organized crime group of international scope. The defendants were convicted at trial of or pleaded guilty to extortion, kidnapping, racketeering, bank fraud, obstruction of justice and other charges.