Jonathan Blavin To Speak on Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Munger Tolles litigator Jonathan H. Blavin will participate in an August 12 panel discussion entitled “The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act since U.S. v. Nosal.”  Mr. Blavin is the chair of the Intellectual Property and Internet Law Section of the San Francisco Barristers Club, which is sponsoring the event.

Topics will include:

  • How have civil litigants used the CFAA since the Ninth Circuit limited its scope in U.S. v. Nosal?
  • How can businesses best protect their information security given courts' inconsistent interpretation of “authorization” under the CFAA?
  • How can individuals and companies limit their exposure to civil liability under the CFAA?

Mr. Blavin has substantial experience in high-technology intellectual property disputes and Internet and privacy-related litigation.