DoubleLine, Abbott Teams Featured in Top Verdicts

On Feb. 15, the Daily Journal released its annual “Top California Verdicts” supplement and this year’s list includes both Munger, Tolles & Olson's Abbott and DoubleLine teams.

The Abbott team was recognized for its work on GlaxoSmithKline v. Abbott Laboratories. In March 2011, Munger Tolles client Abbott Laboratories successfully argued before an Oakland jury that it had not violated federal antitrust laws or a state unfair competition law when it repriced the drug Norvir. GlaxoSmithKline sought $571 million in damages, which potentially could have been trebled to more than $1.7 billion, as well as attorney’s fees. Munger Tolles attorneys convinced a jury to rule in Abbott’s favor, fending off all but a single contract claim for a breach of contract.

Fellow Munger Tolles attorneys were recognized for their representation of Jeffrey Gundlach, his company, DoubleLine Capital LLP, and several other DoubleLine employees in Trust Co. of the West v. Jeffrey Gundlach, et al. Gundlach and the other individuals were fired in December 2009, after which Gundlach started DoubleLine. TCW sought $566 million on claims of breach of fiduciary duty and tortious interference, plus a royalty for trade secret theft, as well as punitive damages. Gundlach countersued for $500 million of damages related to Gundlach’s termination. In September 2011, after seven weeks of testimony, a Los Angeles jury found no damages on TCW claims against Gundlach. The jury awarded Gundlach $66.7 million in unpaid wages. A settlement in the case was announced Dec. 29.

The Daily Journal recognized the following attorneys who worked on Abbott: Jeffrey I. Weinberger, Stuart N. Senator, Michelle T. Friedland, Keith R.D. Hamilton and Kathryn A. Eidmann. 

The paper recognized the following attorneys who worked on DoubleLine: Brad D. Brian, Mark B. Helm, Kevin Allred, Gregory S. Weingart, Allison B. Stein, Jacob S. Kreilkamp and Laura D. Smolowe.