Legal Services Center Recognizes Michael Soloff

Munger, Tolles & Olson partner Michael Soloff was honored Jan. 19 with the Legal Services Corporation’s Pro Bono Service Award. Mr. Soloff was recognized by the LSC Board of Directors for his pro bono services to the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (LAFLA).

Since 2006, Mr. Soloff and other Munger Tolles attorneys have led a county-wide litigation effort to protect the rights of the 25,000 elderly, disabled and very low-income recipients of Section 8 housing threatened with illegal no-cause evictions from rent controlled units in Los Angeles County.

In 2009, Munger Tolles, together with the LAFLA and the National Housing Law Project, won a major victory when the 9th Circuit ruled in Barrientos v. 1801-1825 Morton LLC, that the federal law governing the Section 8 program does not exempt landlords from complying with applicable state and local good-cause requirements when attempting to evict Section 8 recipients.

Munger Tolles continues to partner with LAFLA and other pro bono organizations in bringing affirmative actions and defending selected eviction actions, in both the trial and appellate courts, on behalf of Section 8 recipients who still face no-cause evictions in order to work toward definitive appellate resolution of certain issues of state and local law that were not resolved in Barrientos

Mr. Soloff has also assisted LAFLA in the Los Angeles Sargent Shriver Housing Project by providing his expertise on how to develop the pro bono component that will involve the major law firms in Los Angeles.

Mr. Soloff is a partner in the Los Angeles office of Munger Tolles. A key aspect of Mr. Soloff's practice is the prosecution and defense of complex real estate litigation.