Bob Denham Discusses Selling Privately Held Companies with The Deal

Munger, Tolles & Olson partner Robert E. Denham spoke to The Deal about selling private and family owned companies.

In a video posted Aug. 7, Mr. Denham discussed the differences between a public company’s goals in a transaction to the sale of a privately owned company.

“When a public company’s been sold, the objectives typically are focused almost solely on price. With a private company, the objectives can be a lot more complicated,” he said. “When someone has built a company, they often care a lot about what happens to the company after they’ve sold it.”

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Mr. Denham’s practice focuses on mergers and acquisitions and advising clients on strategic, financial and corporate governance issues. His experience in representing privately owned entities includes the Power family in its sale of J.D. Power and Associates and The Copley Press in the sale of its San Diego and Midwest newspaper operations.