Warner Bros. Settles with Charlie Sheen

Munger, Tolles & Olson client Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. has settled its highly publicized legal dispute with actor Charlie Sheen.

Warner Bros. Television issued a statement on Sept. 26 that the studio, Mr. Sheen and executive producer Chuck Lorre “resolved their dispute to the parties’ mutual satisfaction.” The terms of the settlement are confidential.

John W. Spiegel led the representation of Warner Bros. in the dispute involving Mr. Sheen’s termination from the highest-rated half-hour situation comedy, “Two and a Half Men.” The actor filed a $100 million lawsuit in March following his termination. Munger Tolles defeated Mr. Sheen’s hard fought maneuvers to get the case before a jury, insuring the matter would be resolved by an arbitrator instead. Successful settlement discussions followed shortly thereafter.

Along with Mr. Spiegel, the Munger Tolles team involved with the matter included, Tamerlin J. Godley, Terry E. Sanchez, Mark H. Epstein, John M. Rappaport, Bram M. Alden and Bradley R. Schneider.