Relief Granted in Pro Bono Immigration Case

On July 21, Munger, Tolles & Olson obtained an Immigration Court order in favor of our client, a transgender individual from Mexico. The court's order will entitle our client to remain and work in the United States indefinitely, the maximum relief to which she was eligible.

Our client fled to the United States after suffering a series of attacks by both the police and private persons motivated by anti-gay and anti-transgender bias in Mexico. Following conviction for a misdemeanor in the United States, the client was detained and placed in removal proceedings. 

At trial, during direct examination of our client, the government's attorney announced he found the client credible and would not oppose the relief sought. The judge concurred and announced a ruling in our client's favor, terminating the proceedings. As a result of the order, our client was immediately released from the facility where she had been detained since her arrest more than four months ago.

Munger Tolles attorneys on the case included Leo Goldbard, Claire Yan and Joseph Lee.