General Counsel Interview Underscores Munger Tolles' Lean Staffing Model 

The Daily Journal recently interviewed Alien Technology Corp. Chief Legal Officer David Aaron to discuss his tenure at the communications company, which is focused on the radio frequency identification industry. In choosing Munger Tolles & Olson to handle the company’s patent litigation matters, Mr. Aaron confirmed Munger Tolles' long-standing model that lean staffing, combined with experienced attorneys, leads to cost efficiencies for Munger Tolles clients. 

“[We] felt that Greg Stone and his team were the best firm we could pick for the complexity of the litigation and their ability to communicate complex concepts and make it very easy to understand,” Mr. Aaron told the Daily Journal. “We are getting top-flight quality with senior oversight but having some midrange lawyers on the pricing scale do a majority of the work.”

Munger Tolles has pared down the patent case against Alien Technology through summary judgment or dismissal from 14 claims to one.