Diverse Munger Tolles Attorneys Share Success Strategies

Munger, Tolles & Olson attorneys are speaking at law schools nationwide about strategies for success as a diverse attorney at a big law firm. Panel discussions have been held at USC Gould School of Law, UCLA School of Law and Stanford Law School. In April, additional panels will be held at Harvard Law School and Yale Law School. 

The panel discussions include insight on the state of diversity in law firms, the hiring process and tips on how to overcome obstacles to success in the legal profession. Other topics include: 

  • making yourself more attractive to employers 
  • handling stereotypes and bias 
  • finding and developing crucial mentoring relationships 
  • building relationships within the firm and in the community 
  • getting the opportunities you need to advance your career 
  • juggling commitments to work, family, friends and community 

Participating Munger Tolles attorneys include Manuel Cachan, Jay Fujitani, Maria Seferian, Bart Williams, Joe Ybarra, Bram Alden, Hailyn Chen, Chantal Morgan D'Apuzzo, Renee Delphin-Rodriguez, David Dinielli, Kim Encinas, Miriam Kim and Kimberley Morris and Laura Smolowe.