Brad Brian and Bart Williams Tout GE In-House Counsel

How GE Does It - The Outside Counsel Perspective is the title of an August 2008 article in The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel in which seasoned Munger, Tolles & Olson trial lawyers Brad Brian and Bart Williams give high praise to the in-house lawyers at GE. The roundtable format focuses on the opinions of eight attorneys who serve as outside counsel for GE, two of whom are Mr. Brian and Mr. Williams.

Mr. Brian touts GE’s ability “…to recruit and maintain a law department of the highest quality ... [t]hey also have lawyers with the highest integrity.  To me, the greatest strength of a good lawyer is the ability to identify a problem and take care of it.  GE’s lawyers do that as well as any lawyers I have ever seen.”

Mr. William’s describes GE’s in-house counsel as “…the most consistently excellent in-house lawyers I have encountered in my career.”

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