Midyear Report: Fundraising by Munger Tolles Attorneys Helps OxFam Launch a Drought Early Warning System in Ethiopia

Munger, Tolles & Olson's 2008 campaign for OxFam American raised over $60,000 to fund the development of a drought surveillance system in Moyale, a border town between Ethiopia and Kenya. Throughout the year, monthly visits have been made to women in households around the affected region, who provide information about water and food supplies. The data collected in these interviews is then used to map and chart trends that indicate a region’s health and potential risks for disaster.  This data is later shared and discussed in community meetings with the villagers, OxFam and other aid groups.

Over the past 21 years, Munger Tolles attorneys and staff have contributed over $700,000 for programs in the Philippines, Africa, India, Central America, and other places.  Working both locally and globally, Oxfam America supports over 230 partner organizations in Africa, Asia and the Americas to help people address the root causes of poverty.

The attached pdf document contains more detail on the progress of this life saving project. In addition, you may browse to Oxfam America for more information about this humanitarian organization.