Jeff Bleich Speaks on Asia-Pacific at Harvard Kennedy School

Munger, Tolles & Olson attorney Jeffrey L. Bleich returned to his alma mater, the Harvard Kennedy School, to give a series of speeches on tri-sector leadership, diplomacy and prospects in the Asia-Pacific region. The event took place on March 5, 2014. 
Having held leadership positions in the private sector, public sector, and non-profit world, Mr. Bleich, the former U.S Ambassador to Australia, was invited to address students regarding his experience in “tri-sector leadership.” His remarks focused on the need for versatility in business today, and offered examples from his work in Silicon Valley, leading the boards of the nation’s largest higher education system and its largest bar association, and in Washington, D.C. His speech noted that a genuine knowledge of all three sectors is crucial, as they consistently come into play on legal issues. 

In a second speech, he spoke to the school’s Diplomacy Council regarding his experiences as a non-career ambassador, and his work on the Asia-Pacific Rebalance. 

Mr. Bleich also made remarks at the Harvard Faculty Club about events in Asia, developments in trade, investment, and technology, as well as his efforts to promote America’s rebalancing efforts to the Asia-Pacific region during his tenure as ambassador. Mr. Bleich told students that the rebalancing efforts are vast and must be maintained “not by one achievement, but by the strength of the entire relationship,” according to the school’s report of the event.
Mr. Bleich is a litigation partner in the San Francisco office of Munger Tolles. He returned to the partnership in December 2013, following four years of service as ambassador and as Special Counsel to President Obama during the first year of his administration. His law practice is focused on international and domestic litigation and counseling, with special emphasis on privacy and data security, internal investigations, trade and cross-border disputes, and the Asia-Pacific region. He is the recipient of the Sue Cobb Prize for Exemplary Diplomatic Service, the highest award given by the State Department to a non-career ambassador.