Jeff Bleich Announces Candidacy for President of the State Bar

Litigation partner Jeff Bleich is one of three candidates running for the 2007 Presidency of the State Bar.  In the June 2007 edition of the California Bar Journal, Jeff explains his enthusiasm for service in the State Bar:  “'It’s a great Job.  It’s an opportunity to represent my colleagues in a profession that I love and to try to make a difference.'”  As current Chair of the State Bar’s Planning Committee, Jeff has grappled with tough financial issues while taking aim at current budget woes - urging a combination of better efficiencies within the organization along with support from the State legislature.  Throughout his 18 plus years since graduating from law school, Bleich has garnered a breadth of experience, both inside and outside of the bar, that he believes . . . "would enable him to communicate effectively with the bar's many constituencies and help oversee its diverse functions."  The State Board of Governors is expected to make its choice some time in July.